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Renting A Mobile Storage Unit: Three Helpful Tips

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Whether you need a mobile storage unit to declutter your home or to prepare for a big move, there are a few things you'll need to know about this storage option. Use the following guide to help you prepare for the arrival of your mobile storage company.

Strategically Place The Unit

Mobile storage units are convenient because they can be placed strategically on your property, giving you an easy way to load up your items. However, the storage units can also be a sign to potential thieves that you are packing away your valuables. If the unit will be on your property overnight, work with the mobile storage company to place it in your back yard, where it is less visible from the road. Have the unit placed close to a door to make it easy for you and your helpers to load heavy boxes into the storage container.

Evenly Distribute Your Boxes

To prevent items from falling or tipping over inside of the storage unit, try to make sure that the boxes are evenly distributed throughout the unit. Heavy boxes should go on the bottom of each stack, and lighter containers should go toward the top. If possible, use boxes or containers that are uniform in size for more efficient loading of the unit. You can secure each stack of boxes with bungee cords to help keep boxes from shifting during transport.

Keep Everyone Safe

There are a few basic safety precautions you'll want to take once you have your mobile storage unit delivered to your home. Do not allow children to play on or in the unit, and make sure that there is an adult available to supervise your little ones while you are packing and loading the unit. Be careful when opening the door to the unit, as items can sometimes shift inside the unit, causing them to fall out when the door is opened. Be sure to ask the mobile storage company to lock the wheels on the unit once it is in place on your property, and avoid placing it on a hill or incline. If you do need to place the unit on a hill, the door should face upward on the incline. This will help to prevent items from falling out of the unit.

Be sure to schedule the pick-up time for your mobile storage unit so you have plenty of time to pack and load your items, and follow these tips to keep your items and your family safe. For additional information about mobile storage service, contact a company like AA All American Airborne Self-Storage.