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Your First Storage Unit Experience: Tips For Success

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There is bound to come a time in your life when you have too many things to keep neatly in your house or apartment. If you do not want to get rid of these items, then renting a storage unit is likely your best option. But while renting a storage unit is a rather common endeavor, it is one that may not be as simple as it seems the first time you go through the process. These tips will help guide you as you navigate your first storage rental experience.

Tip #1: You can store more than you think in a small unit.

Usually, rental companies will charge more for larger units than they do for smaller units. Many first-time storage renters overestimate how much space they need and end up paying for a larger unit when a smaller one would have been just fine. Here's a look at some of the common storage unit sizes and what they can accommodate.

  • 5' x 5' storage units, often known as mini storage units, are perfect if you have a lot of small items to store. You can even fit an entire twin mattress inside, along with a bog stack of boxes.
  • 5' x 10' storage units can accommodate the entire contents of the average studio apartment. If you're just renting a storage unit because you need a bit of extra storage space, this is the largest size you'll need.
  • 10' x 10' storage units can hold the contents of an average 2-bedroom apartment. Unless you're downsizing and have a ton of items to store, this is likely more space than you need.

Tip #2: It's worth paying for climate control.

You may be tempted to save some cash by opting for a non climate-controlled unit, but you're almost always better off paying a bit more for climate control. There are so many items that can be damaged by changes in temperature and humidity: paintings, photos, cosmetics, electronics, cloth furniture, and leather. It's silly to put something in storage just to have it emerge damaged or moldy. 

Tip #3: Security is your friend.

Storage units are prime real estate for burglars. They know they can find valuable items with less hassle than breaking into a home. So, you must be very careful to choose a storage facility where the security is top-notch. The best facilities have cameras that capture footage at the entrances to each and every unit. They also have staff on-site and locked gates that only open when a renter swipes their card or enters a secret code.

Tip #4: Keep it organized.

When you first put everything in the unit, you might remember what box the toaster is in and where you put your spare bike chain. But after a few months, these memories are bound to fade. You don't want to have to sort through numerous boxes just to find one item that you needed. So, label your boxes meticulously when you first put them into the storage unit. If you do not want to write the entire contents on each box, just label each box with a number. Then write down, in a notebook, which items are in each numbered box.

Tip #5: Keep things off the floor.

Today's top storage facilities are very clean and take measures to keep insects and rodents away. However, there is still a chance that these pests may be attracted to the contents of a neighboring storage unit and may then enter yours in search of further food. Placing all of your items up on pallets, rather than directly on the floor, is an easy way to prevent infestations. This will also ensure your items don't get wet if water from rain or a plumbing leak seeps across the floor.

With the tips above, your first storage experience should go smoothly. For more information, visit websites like http://www.sentryministorage.com.