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Why Use A Storage Container Service

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Self storage companies have been around for years, and are a great way to store things that you do not have room for in your home. This makes it great for people that live in condos or apartments, or simply have too much stuff and nowhere to put it all. Recently, there has been a surge in popularity of storage containers as an alternative to storage units. You may be wondering why anybody would use these storage container services over the traditional storage unit. Here are a few reasons why you may want to use one.

You Don't Have A Car

Self storage units are great and allow easy access to the unit to drop things off or pick them up, but only if you have a vehicle. If not, you'll end up paying a premium to rent a truck or have to borrow someone's car in order to get your items into storage.

A storage container service will drop off the container on your property. You load it up, and when you're ready to put it in storage, the same company picks the container up for you. It's stored away in a warehouse until you need access to everything again. You don't need a vehicle with this method, which makes it a very convenient off site storage option.

You Don't Need Storage For Very Long

Self storage units are great if you are using it as a long term solution to your storage problems. For instance, you may place your holiday items in the unit, and rotate thing in and out every month or so. Other people don't need frequent access to their storage, they just need a place for things to go for a while until they need them again.

A storage container can be a great option if you are in between homes, being deployed overseas, or moving someplace temporarily for work. You may not have a need to pay for a place to live while you are away, so the best option is to put everything into storage until you need it again.

You Don't Want To Be Limited With Your Storage Space

One problem you may not like about a self storage unit is that they are a fixed size. Once they are filled up, you will need to upgrade to a bigger unit and move all your belongings, or pay for a second unit. Storage containers are fixed sizes, so if you need more room, just rent another. There is no need to shuffle all your belongings to a new container that is larger for it to work.