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Essential Gear To Increase Safety Around Material Handling Equipment

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Storing goods and raw materials in your warehouse requires adherence to safety protocols, such as wearing proper protective equipment when moving pallets and boxes. Adding the right material handling equipment and accessories to your warehouse can help increase safety and create a better working environment for your staff. Here are some items to consider purchasing to make your warehouse safer for all your staff.

Pallet Rack Safety Netting

Items stored on pallet racks can shift over time, particularly if you are stacking heavy goods on your pallets. Pallet rack safety netting creates a barrier to prevent boxes and loose items from falling into aisles. This can help prevent workplace injuries and damage to your inventory. The netting you purchase should feature durable construction and have a secure tie-down system. Be sure that your netting runs the length of each section of shelving to ensure complete coverage for all your pallet racks.

Rack Safety Guards

Rack safety guards help reinforce pallet racks to prevent damage from forklift and flat bed impact. These guards are anchored into the floor to hold racks securely in place to avoid tipping, and they come in bright colors to show warehouse workers where each rack ends. Heavy-gauge steel construction makes these guards a lasting addition to your system of industrial shelving and pallet racks. Install guards on each support beam to add extra stability. It's also a good idea to inspect the concrete around the anchor threads regularly to identify and repair chipping or erosion so repairs can be made promptly.

I-Beam Protectors

I-beam protectors are an ideal solution for warehouses with heavy forklift traffic. These protectors are installed around support beams in your workspace to help absorb impact from collisions with warehouse equipment. This means less potential damage to these essential structures, and it can also mean safer working conditions for your staff. Like rack safety guards, I-beam protectors often come in bright colors to serve as a warning when forklifts and hand carts are too close to your support beams. Look for durable plastic or polyethylene construction to increase impact absorption for added safety in your warehouse.

Walkways With Safety Gates

Having your warehouse crew walk throughout the aisles when forklifts are in operation can be a potential safety hazard. Large warehouses can benefit from walkways with safety gates designated for pedestrians. These metal fence systems provide a clear path for pedestrians to walk, with the fencing creating a barrier against potential collisions with forklifts and other equipment. The ends of each walkway should include a safety gate. The gates can be operated by a sensor to remain closed if hand truck or forklift equipment is nearby. When no equipment is detected, the gates can be opened for safe passage across the open floor of the warehouse.