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Where Does All Your Stuff Go After Graduation?

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During college, you may have gathered a lot of stuff that you may or may not need going forward. Textbooks, dorm furniture, and clothing come to mind. Here are some things that you can do with all of these items.

Try Selling Your Items

There is little harm in at least trying to sell your items. You can list them at whatever price that you would be willing to part with them for. If they don't sell, then you can proceed to the options below. Incoming freshmen are a good group to target for selling your stuff, but you could also list them in general local classifieds to see if you get any takers. Textbooks could especially earn you a lot of money, and you could try selling them online since the shipping will be pretty cheap.

Recycling Drives

You could also look into recycling drives at your school. It's a common thing for school sustainability groups to organize recycling drives in the final weeks of the spring semester. This allows you to drop off old items without having to worry about taking them all the way to a local landfill or recycling facility. They will handle the logistics for you. Your stuff might go to a donation facility where it's used by someone else, or it could be sent straight to recycling.

Find a Friend

If you have a friend that is planning on staying nearby, you could potentially let them borrow or keep your furniture and other bulky items. They may even be willing to keep some boxes for you until you get a more permanent place. But note that you should set some limits on this kind of arrangement, such as that it's only for the next 3 months. You wouldn't want either side to feel imposed upon if the timeline starts to stretch out too far.

You Don't Have to Decide

And finally, note that you do not really have to decide what to do with your old college furniture while you're worried about graduating and your next steps. Renting a self-storage unit is a fairly reasonable solution to keep your personal items safe for a few months while you decide whether you will need them or not. It takes one stressful decision off of the table so that you can focus on enjoying the progress you've made in your education and saying goodbye to college friends. To learn more about the services that a self-storage facility can offer, check out websites like http://www.tysonsstorage.com.