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Renting A Storage Unit? Know How To Store Those Old Photographs

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Self-storage is a wonderful way to free up space within your home, which can be used for those things you very rarely use on a daily basis. One kind of item that you might want to put into storage is your old photo albums. While these can take up quite a bit of space in a home, a storage place is an excellent place to get them out of the way until you're ready to look at them again. However, storing photographs takes a bit of care and preparation compared to other items that are going into the unit. Here are a few tips for storing old photos.

Properly Pack The Photos

The way that you pack up the photos will have an impact on their condition when they come out of storage. Your best option is to make sure each photo is in a photo album with a plastic covering. This gives the photos maximum protection while letting you easily browse the photos from time to time. You can easily pack a box with several albums to keep them together within the storage unit. The albums also protect the photographs from moisture. Make sure each box is labeled with what photo albums are inside to easily track them down for when you are ready to look at them again.

Placing The Photos In The Unit

The placement of the photos within the unit can also help give them more protection. The main thing you want to do is keep the box away from the floor. Place them on top of other boxes or on a shelf. This is because there may be factors out of your control with a storage unit. For example, there might be a flood that causes water to get into the unit. If the box of photos is on the floor, they can very easily become ruined while they are in the storage unit. Keep the floor of the unit for things that cannot be damaged by water, and place the box of photos on top of it.

Using Climate-Controlled Storage

Consider climate-controlled self-storage if you are holding onto photos. It will maintain proper humidity levels in the unit, which protects the photos from becoming damaged. Climate-controlled units also work great for storing items made of wood and leather, so look at all your items as a whole and if they can benefit from this storage unit upgrade.

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