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Living In A Small Apartment? Rent A Storage Unit To Stay Comfortable In The Unit

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When you first move into a small apartment, you may have more than enough space because you have yet to go shopping for furniture, decorations, and small appliances. But, after the first year or two, you may find yourself living in an apartment that feels more cluttered than before.

If you like the apartment that you live in, and your main gripe is that you do not have enough storage space, you should consider going with an easy solution by renting a storage unit. Knowing what to put into storage will help you rent the right size unit and keep your apartment tidy.

Sentimental Items

While packing boxes to move into the apartment, you may have brought along a lot of sentimental items such as photos, cards, letters, and gifts from close family and friends. Although you may have no intention of getting rid of these items at any time, you may keep them tucked away in closets, drawers, cabinets, or even under your bed inside boxes or plastic bins.

Since you are not using these items at any point throughout the year, you will benefit from putting them into a climate-controlled storage unit where you know they will be protected. An indoor unit will minimize the chance of pest problems, which is crucial for preserving your items.


In an apartment, you may feel like you cannot have more than one theme of decorations inside throughout the year due to limited storage space. Fortunately, this is something that you can resolve by renting a storage unit that gives you more space for seasonal decorations.

If you want to pick up holiday decorations, as well as certain pieces for each season, you should feel more confident in doing so knowing that you have a storage unit to switch out decorations.


Another part of your apartment that you may find yourself using for only part of the year is certain clothing pieces. Warm and heavy-duty sweatshirts, jackets, pants, and boots may only get used in winter, which means you can put them in storage for most of the year with confidence.

This can also apply to summer clothing such as shorts and tank-tops that may only see usage during summertime. Organizing these clothes into garment bags or boxes will help you determine how much space you need inside a storage unit to accommodate your seasonal storage needs.

Following these tips will help you use a storage unit to make living in a small apartment more comfortable. For more information, contact a business that offers storage units.