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Traveling Long-Term? 5 Tips For Storing Your Stuff

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Do you want to travel on a long-term basis? Whether your plans are for a fixed period of time or you aren't sure how long you will be on the road, one of the biggest questions is what to do with your things at home. Paying for a house or apartment when you aren't using it is a waste of money many people can't afford. 

So, what should you do with your stuff? Here are five tips to save money, make things easier, and keep your important items safe.

1. Pare Down First

You're probably very busy preparing for your trip, but don't overlook the value of de-cluttering at home. No matter how you plan to store your stuff, the less you have, the better. This saves time, energy, space, and money. 

2. Separate a Few Valuables

While a quality self-storage facility is very secure and protected, it's okay to be worried about specific items. Perhaps it's your expensive computer setup, your grandmother's jewelry, or your kids' irreplaceable mementos. 

Separate these items from the rest and leave them in the trusted care of a family member or close friend. Then you'll feel better about storing the rest. 

3. Use Professional Storage

Travelers often try to save money by putting their household belongings in a friend or relative's garage, extra bedroom, basement, or business storage. Although this does reduce cost, it can result in poor storage conditions, annoyed family members, or even the accidental loss of something. 

Self-storage units are a better choice. You aren't beholden to anyone to keep track of your things. You can choose the right size storage area and even whether or not it's climate controlled. And they'll provide additional security. 

4. Keep Storage If Renting Out

Do you plan to make some money from your empty house by renting part or all of it out to others? Clear out your personal items rather than leave them on-site. You may also want to store anything that would be a loss if the renter damaged it. And less stuff helps make it appealing to renters. 

5. Have Someone Check In

Finally, arrange with a trusted friend or relative to regularly check in on your belongings while you're gone. You might issue them a unique gate code or use a coded lock for easy remote management. Make their work easier, too, by filling the storage unit for better visual and physical access to check on the condition of everything. 

Where to Learn More

Want more tips for being away from home for a longer time? Start by touring reputable self-storage facilities in your area. With their help and these tips, you'll soon leave your worries behind and hit the road with confidence. For more information on self-storage units, contact a company near you.